You’re a busy business owner. I’m a strategic advertising and media consultant who looks after your business as if it were my own. I love helping people and I love what I do!

Hi, I’m Whitni.

I’m so thankful you’ve come to my site! I am happy to share with you a bit about myself! First and foremost, I love what I do and I love working with clients. I have so much respect and appreciation for their vision, hard work and dedication to creating their business and existing in the marketplace. This is the number one reason I want to help local small and medium size business owners take control of their advertising. It can be a huge part of their success when executed the right way.

So, this is a true story… when I was a kid, I would wait for the TV shows to go to commercial break and tune in for the commercials, specifically. I never understood my fascination with advertisements, except it was just how I watched TV!  It’s so interesting how even as children, we can be so in tune with our future.  

I love a good solution and pride myself on being the answer for those I work with. I have an internal drive to spread positivity and see success around me. 

Today, I finally take the time to represent myself after 5+ years of operating. It’s time to expand my clientele and help other business owners. I’m excited for the next chapter and I am super dedicated to staying current and modern in my business flow!


Ready to start seeing *actual results* from your ad campaigns? I’m here to help!
Get in touch with me for a discovery call, where we’ll discuss your current strategy and how we’ll move forward.
From there, I’ll conduct a comprehensive audit of your past campaign performance. We’ll look for any opportunity areas, and also analyze what worked well! I’ll also complete a Client Needs Analysis (CNA) to get us off in the right direction.
Then, I’ll plan out your campaign – from ideation to implementation, I’ve got everything covered and will work directly with the advertising vendors, saving you precious time and energy. 
Why work with me?
In addition to taking all of the strategy, production, and ad buying work off your plate, you’ll also see up to 20% in added value… and did I mention that you don’t have to pay me?
Then we launch! I’ll report back on success with a monthly in person meeting. 
That’s right! I’m not here to make your fees bigger – I’m just here to get your ads running in the right places so you have more visibility for the people who matter most: your customers. Ask me how my media agency discount allows my clients to work with me at no additional cost to them. 
I, also, take all of those marketing and advertising calls business owners get on the daily and review the opportunities for you. I become the filter to all the marketing calls, which is a huge relief and help to my clients. 











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